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Stop obsessing over social media followers

Stop obsessing over social media follower numbers! Focus on this instead

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Having a bunch of social media followers is a good feeling. The more, the better right? I get it. A high numbers feeds the ego. It gives you something to measure your career progress and validates you as an artist. Drive up the follows, likes and subscribes. It’s the digital instant gratification we crave.

Having a large fan base may help you sleep better at night as you anticipate your fans turning into buying machines. But before you purchase a money counting machine, stop, and think: how many are actually your true fans?

Just as important is the question, how can you tell if they are loyal fans that can support you financially for the long haul? Read More

Stressed Musician

5 Must Learn Business Concepts for Musicians Who Hate the Business Side

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In an ideal situation, your sole focus would be on making music and not having to worry about marketing, booking, promotion, accounting, or any other business functions. Unless you are signed by a label or have a large budget (let’s face it, most of us don’t), chances are you gotta do it all yourself.

You may hate the business side of things (or just would rather spend your time doing something you actually enjoy), but don’t let that discourage you from incorporating these fundamental business concepts that will improve your chances of making a living off music. Here are 5 must learn business and marketing concepts that you need to know: Read More