Want to be added to my playlist “Support the Independents”? Email me a link to your best song that is on Spotify to: david@d4musicmarketing.com. I will listen to everything submitted, but no guarantees that it’ll be added even if I think it is good. You’re more likely to get added if I like it and it fits the type of music on the playlist, meaning you should listen to the playlist first and maybe even follow it. It’s something new I’m trying out so we’ll see how it goes.

I created this playlist of independent artists I like and support, whether they are my clients, musician friends, artists I know of or random independent artists I come across. Even when I’m not listening, I’ll keep my Spotify playlist playing even when I’m not listening to help get those streams up.

Random Music Streaming / Playlist Tibbits for Musicians

  • Over 50,000 new songs are added to Spotify daily.
  • 30 seconds or more counts as 1 stream.
  • 1,000 streams pays you roughly $4 – $6 depending on platform.
  • Apple Music pays artists more than Spotify.
  • You can see who added your songs to their playlists in your Spotify for Artist profile under ‘Music’ – ‘Playlists’.
  • Getting added to playlists benefits you with Spotify’s algorithms. Encourage fans to add your songs to their playlists.

Support the Independents

This is a playlist I created for myself to support independent artists that I come across. They may be my clients, musician friends, local artists I know of or random independent artists I discovered online. Link

D4's On Repeat

A random collection of songs that I find myself more likely to repeat. I favored songs that are relatively newer and more popular. Link

Welcome to the Underground

This playlist contains most of my favorite underground hip hop songs to help introduce those who are not familiar with scene. These are songs and artists that I listened to starting back in 2001, old and new. Link