What I Offer

This is a general overview of my skill set. Keep in mind I’m not actively looking for artists to work with for the long term as I already have my hands full with my current roster.

If you are interested in working with me, please read this and use my services form here. Keep in mind that I’m very selective with who I work with and I explain everything you need to know there. Your best bet is in more short term projects like a website, help with establishing your marketing foundation or consulting to get your foot in the door.

Web Design

Get a professional looking website to serve as the foundation of your online presence. Present your brand and story that reflects who you are as an artist.

Online Marketing Management

Juggling between all the roles of an independent artist can be overwhelming. I can help manage your entire online marketing presence to save you time to focus on important tasks like creating music.

Brand and Online Marketing Consulting

For many artists, talent and hard work alone isn’t enough to make it as an independent. You need to know how to stand out with your own unique brand.

Set Up Online Marketing Processes

(Social Media, Email Marketing and Analytics) Having your online systems in place will help save time so you can focus more on doing what you love, creating and performing music.

Social Media Coaching

Learn the strategies, insights and best practices to reach and engage loyal fans that will support you throughout your career.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Facebook and Instagram Ads offer every musician a powerful, yet affordable, way to reach new potential fans through it’s audience targeting and remarketing tools.

Develop Online Marketing Plan

If you don’t have a plan to keep you on track towards your goals, you may end up wasting a lot of time and money.

Content Creation

Content is needed to capture attention and fuel a career in music. Whether its ideas, pictures or videos, I can help create content for artists to engage with their audience.

I needed sort of a Swiss Army knife with my business. David fits that perfectly. He’s been able to organize my hectic art career, handle my music releases, facilitate my many different style tasks and take the lead on my Patreon needs. He has also been very reliable with response time via email, text and calls. 5 stars to David!

Eligh (of Living Legends, G&E, 3MG)Rapper / Producer / Artist

Working with David has definitely added the needed boost to my career. He has helped with every aspect of creating content for my social media pages, as well as website. His eye for photography and videography and work ethic are things you can’t teach, but only appreciate how much they enhance my brand. David is a team player and as reliable as they come!

ButterscotchOne Woman Symphony

D4 is a Swiss Army Knife man who can do just about anything. A one stop shop, if you will. He was very helpful in multiple areas from website designer, photography, filming editing show recaps to helping on the marketing side with Facebook Ads and more. I really appreciate that he seems to always be accessible when I need his help. He’s fun to talk to and is an inspiration to be around. David has a fountain of knowledge, focusing on ways to stay healthy and create longevity as an artist. I’m so thankful to have crossed paths with him and to have him in my circle.

Pure PowersHip Hop Artist

Working with D4 Music Marketing has been one of the best choices we've made to give our band's purpose and outreach a complete recharge. David really takes his time to understand who our band is, what we sound like and how we want to represent ourselves to the listeners. Then, he goes deep into understanding how we are doing with our current branding presentation, and works closely with us to curate different ways that can refine and boost its effectiveness. He's consistent and good with following up with us, which is great because sometimes I forget to follow up from having to wear so many hats in the band. On top of that, he has been great with negotiating a budget that will work well for a small independent band such as ourselves. I highly recommend him for any band that wants to maximize the reach of their music to the public.

AstraLogikR&B / Soul Music Duo

D4 Music Marketing has been an extremely supportive resource! As a jazz, soul, and R&B vocalist, I've had great success as a performer and a musician. However, I was continually challenged in managing and following through on brand development and marketing strategies. My main goal was to create a professional and attractive website. David was proactive in getting together to brainstorm, and he immediately took action to create a polished website. As edits have come up, David responds and makes updates almost immediately. I can rely on him to be in communication, and to support the establishment of my brand. David took initiative in coming out to shows to take photos, and get a better idea of my sound and artistry. I highly recommend David's services and expertise to support growth for musicians and creatives alike.

Amy DabalosJazz & Soul Vocalist

David has been utterly instrumental in growing our brand as Eko Zu. From web design, execution and updates to social media management, guidance and feedback, David's involvement with the project comes from the ground up. During shows, he helps shoot our Snapchat, Instagram stories, and Facebook Live feeds. He also shoots photo/video with his camera, and can manage a team when we're covering multiple social channels simultaneously. Outside of shows, he helps with our social media and online presence, especially from a web design standpoint. David is an amazing resource and addition to any musician's project, we love and highly recommend his work!

Eko ZuElectronic Music Producer