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Branding for Musicians (Free)

This is the ultimate guide when it comes to branding for musicians. If the term ‘brand’ might be confusing, I break it all down for you in this eBook. After all, understanding how to leverage your brand to grow a fan base is so crucial in today’s music climate.

What you’ll learn in this ebook:

  • Why having a strong brand is more important than ever
  • The fundamentals of branding
  • Steps on how to get started
  • Understand what makes you stand out
  • Questions to ask yourself to guide your branding direction
  • Branding exercises to help with brainstorming
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Twitch Starter Guide for Music Artists

Have you thought about making money livestreaming on Twitch as a musician? The music category on Twitch has exploded since the pandemic started shutting down shows and live events in March of 2020. I was excited for its potential when I first explored the platform and decided to write an eBook about it.

In this eBook, I break everything down for you where you’ll learn:

  • How Twitch works as a platform
  • The different monetization sources you can earn as a livestreamer
  • How to setup your Twitch channel
  • A breakdown of the hardware and software you need
  • Livestream content ideas and Twitch channel recommendations
  • The different streaming tools and channel upgrades to enhance your livestream experience
  • How to grow your channel and get more viewers
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Facebook Live (Free)

You can find everything you need to know about Facebook Live in this eBook. Although since I originally put this together, Instagram Live is probably worth investing in more. However, you can still apply what you learn in my guide to Instagram.

What you’ll learn in this ebook:

  • Why musicians need to take advantage now
  • Step by step guide of how to get started
  • Ideas specific for musicians
  • How other artists use Facebook Live
  • Tips and strategies to maximize reach and engagement
  • How to analyze your video performance to improve your results
  • List of tools / equipment to make broadcasting easier
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