Twitch Starter Guide for Music Artists – 1st Edition

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Are you a musician looking to start a new channel on Twitch as a potential income stream? This starter guide is for you.

Getting started and setting up on Twitch can be a time-consuming experience with all the research you would need to do learning a new platform. When you’re dealing with things like OBS, emotes, bits and bitrates, it’s understandable why you may be overwhelmed. Even as a tech-savvy person myself, I found it a challenge to understand Twitch early on and how to start a channel.

I spent many hours reading different guides and resources on the internet, which you can easily find for free. The problem is it’s scattered and not as detailed as what I put together in this eBook.

My goal was to curate all the essential information about Twitch into one document and simplify the best I can to help music artists get started on Twitch. I guarantee you’ll save more than $5 worth of time with this starter guide.

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Save time with everything you need to know about Twitch in one convenient guide!

In this eBook, I break everything down for you where you’ll learn:

  • How Twitch works as a platform
  • The different monetization sources you can earn as a livestreamer
  • How to setup your Twitch channel
  • A breakdown of the hardware and software you need
  • Livestream content ideas and Twitch channel recommendations
  • The different streaming tools and channel upgrades to enhance your livestream experience
  • How to grow your channel and get more viewers