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The Ultimate Guide to Set Up, Launch and Grow a Successful Membership Business

According to the data I gathered from Graphtreon, 72% of music creators (over 9,000) on Patreon do not have more than 10 fans supporting their page! As lucrative as a recurring monthly income from Patreon sounds for musicians, a membership-based model is much more challenging than it seems to be successful.

Since 2017, I’ve helped 3 artists launch and manage their Patreon campaigns. One flopped badly. The other has been dormant for about a year. But one page has made it into the top 100 in the Music category based on the number of patrons.

Patreon gets unfair criticism that you can’t earn a living income on the platform, but this is not true. The reason why I know is because I’m currently managing a page for a musician who is making well above a living wage. I share how we did it in my eBook.

In this eBook, I break everything down for you where you’ll learn:

  • Tactics to get more patrons
  • Strategies on how to market and promote your page
  • Things you may not know about using Patreon for the first time
  • Advice on how to structure your membership page based on research
  • The best tool to help manage, track and fulfill merch on Patreon
  • Tips for a successful launch
  • Mistakes I made from my years of experience so you know what not to do

I’m offering the first edition of this eBook for free amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in the future when I add more content and research, I will charge for this eBook because a membership model like Patreon does not work for everyone. If you’ve considered trying Patreon, now would be the time to download a copy.

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