Instead of publishing a blog on my website for the month of April, I decided to write 2 guest contributions on other blogs. Because a lot of musicians are looking for alternative income sources right now with the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to write the first edition of my Patreon guide for musicians.

What people may not know is that I currently manage one of the top-ranked music creator pages on Patreon. I’ve helped launch and manage Patreon campaigns for 3 separate artists so I’m quite familiar with the platform. In this eBook, I wanted to reveal everything I know on how to set up, launch and grow a membership business.

As much as I advocate and support a membership model through a platform like Patreon, I want to emphasize that Patreon is not for everyone. The concept sounds great for artists, but in reality, it’s not easy to execute. This is especially true if you’ve not an established artist with a larger following.

If you’ve thought about Patreon or just want to learn more, check out the articles I’ve written below and consider downloading the eBook. Keep in mind that I’m making the first edition free. I plan to charge for future editions when I add more content to it.



Crowdsourced Music Video from Patreon

While on the topic of Patreon, I wanted to share a music video I did for a song inspired by this global pandemic. Due to the current circumstances of having to stay home, we had to crowdsource most of the video footage for the music video from the artists’ fans, friends and family. We exclusive reached out to his Patreon members and it turned out beautifully. They were all excited and it brought the Patreon community closer together.

It’s my first official music video for an original song. I’ve always wanted to make music videos and this is definitely a big personal milestone. I make a short cameo in it as well. I wanted to share this as an example of how you can use Patreon to build something special between the artist and fans.

If you’re interested in doing your own crowdsourced video, I wrote “7 Tips For Making A Crowdsourced Music Video With Help From Your Fans” for you to check out.

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